Peak Extreme Sports – Coed

Annual Registration

$35/Athlete or $60/Family


Active Military, Fire, EMS, and Police

Family Discounts

Call the office for details

Basic Peak Extreme Sports (7 yrs – up)

Monday  @  5:30-7:30
Wednesday  @  6:00-7:30

Advanced Peak Extreme Sports (by invitation only)

Wednesday  @  7:30 – 8:00

Peak Extreme Sports –  is for boys and girls of all skills and athletic ability, ages 7 & up. This class will teach basic extreme sport fundamentals, from safety rolls to the more extreme flipping and twisting off walls and other different level objects, to the more advanced maneuvers and tricks of this vast sport. By learning flips, vaults, agility, balance, endurance and strength, the class will get you where you need, from point A to point B, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It will also develop the kinesthetic (air–awareness) feel to learn and perform multiple twisting and somersaulting skills. This evolution of movement will also increase your fitness level and help spread the desire for fitness in our area and community. We also offer an advanced class.

TUITION – 1.5 Hour Class   $58/mo–1 day/wk   Advanced 2 Hour Class  $72/mo–1 day/wk